Nov 10, 2008

tis the season for baked goodies

the baker's dozen at the powerplant mall is basically an annual baker's fair which features several baked products from various sellers. this year, it started as early as september. however, i've only found the time to go there just recently.

i had only 2 purpose - the dezato mochi balls and the costa brava caramel cake. however, i failed to get the mochi balls. they did not have a booth at the concourse level when we visited. i was only able to buy the caramel cake.

early in the week i got the chance to sample the caramel cake, however, i deem that it was too bland. i did not find the caramel taste in the icing. but i had to give it another try, maybe there was something wrong with the cake i tried. good thing i gave it another shot. the cake is moist and fluffy. very light. the caramel frosting is just right, not too sweet but you can still savor the caramel essence. perfect!!! now i just have to try estrel's to figure out which one best suits me.

my disappointment of not getting those mochi balls led me to ange's sweet life. i love the sweet surrender (frozen brazo) but the caramel cake was enough for that weekend. i resorted to the mini cupcakes so that my mom could try them out. she's my cupcake tasting buddy. whenever i buy cupcakes we would sit around the table and have a piece of each flavor. anyway, the mini cupcakes are good because it cuts back the calories.

unfortunately, the mini cupcakes disappointed me a lot. i could still remember the moist and fluffy satine (red velvet) i used to have. but now, the cupcakes were no near that. all of them appears to be dry. i never would have expected that the quality would change considering they were pricey.i dunno if the batch i got was simply bad or the mini cupcakes have a different quality than the regular sized ones but then that defeats the purpose of selling the mini cupcakes if they do not replicate the original taste and texture of the normal ones.

similarly, the much talked about cheesecake cookies didn't have that oomph. i was staring at my mom while munching on them, and i said what's special about these? they're like puto of some sort. really a miss on this one. oh well the caramel cake was the saving grace of my baker's dozen visit.

i ought to try other famous pastries this coming holiday season like karen young's goodies, the famous mango tortes and the list could go on but i am sure i will restrain myself for a sugar overload this upcoming holiday season.

baker's dozen
concourse level
powerplant mall


  1. i wasnt satisfied w/ costa brava's caramel cake too.. luckily the following week, someone treated us w/ estrel's.. i liked estrel's better! more caramel-tasting and yummy nga.. medyo bland yung costa brava e, parang may kulang.

  2. my friend said the opposite naman. she finds estrel's bland. anyway, i ought to try out estrel's to find out myself.