Nov 24, 2008

paul calvin's

wanted to have a quiet and intimate lunch with my mckinley friends and paul calvin's came to mind. i was already contemplating on what to get but when we got there, they have a lunch buffet for 250 PHP. what a steal! they have 6 dishes, soup, salad, desserts and the omelette and pasta station and you can add 60 PHP for unlimited buko and gulaman for drinks. here's the spread.

i tried all of the dishes, honestly, nothing popped out but they were decent. i liked the battered fish the most...maybe because it was fresh out of the fryer.

my friend said the roasted chicken was good, but i, on the other hand thinks otherwise. maybe i just chose a bad piece.

they said the bulalo soup was also delish, unfortunately i didn't try it.

i liked the pasta. mine was mixed - tomato with cream. the cream was not too rich, it actually just made the strong tomato flavor a little subtle. it was the perfect blend because it was able to cut the tartness of the tomato sauce. a decent pasta though i wish it had more ham or bacon.

for dessert, i tried the panacotta which is a layer of plain panacotta and ube flavored panacotta. not your usual jelly like panacotta - this one is creamy and thick but still good. the jello shooter was so so.

i recommend the place especially the lunch buffet. a good value for money, damage was around 350 PHP including taxes. not bad for lots of food, great service and a very nice ambiance.

paul calvin's deli
forbeswood heights
rizal drive, the fort


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    looks like a good deal

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