Sep 8, 2010

kl: de foodland

my friends love this particular cheesy crab dish and they always crave for it. i've been here for more than a year and only recently was i able to try the place. all i can say is, it is indeed two thumbs up and better than restoran king crab.

salted egg bitter gourd - we love ampalaya, we love salted love this dish. this tops my ampalaya dish list next to the ampalaya salad our maid used to make for me which was uber perfect.

tofu with pork - one of the dishes we always order anywhere. my friend was actually thinking about this block of tofu topped with pork, i had to remind him it was from another resto we eat at.

steamed mantou - my first time to try it. basically just like siopao bread but more firm and dense. a healthier alternative compared to the fried ones. i thank r for ordering this - less calories!

cheesy crab!!!! cheesy, creamy and spicy perfect perfect perfect! love love this dish. no wonder they always crave for this.

the food was great, no misses on this outing. i forgot the prices already but if i'm not mistaken all these plus 3 drinks costs roughly around 90RM. not bad eh? the meal would have fed 4 people we had leftovers :( . i thank ovi maps for leading us to the right way. though we generally knew where we were going, we missed several turns, got lost somewhere in kepong and the handy dandy ovi maps lead us to the right place!!!

de foodland seafood restaurant
bandar sri mejalara, kuala lumpur


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    That sounds like a very interesting way of serving ampalaya.

  2. yeah but the salted egg here is fresh so you won't see any solid eggwhites