Sep 26, 2010

good food

just a quick thought. i always believed that other than the cooking skills of the person preparing the food, ingredients count. it counts a lot, i remember before when my colleagues in company x are so amazed with my tuna sandwich. they keep asking me for the recipe, i simply said tuna, pickle relish and mayo. somehow they cannot replicate it. why? because they use different brands.

i love simple food. i don't mix in elaborate herbs to flavor my dishes, that's why i won't know what tarragon or sage tastes like. it makes me enjoy eating out more because i get amazed with the complexity of the flavors. anyway, moving back to what i wanted to say. i simply believe that if you get the best ingredients you can come up with the best dishes.

so please don't compromise especially if you can afford to buy the better brands because they make a difference =).

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