Oct 7, 2010

kl: harrod's

harrod's might be famous for opulent shopping but it's also famous for food. the food hall of harrod's in london is known for good food, unfortunately i haven't eaten there. in kl, there's a store and resto in klcc where the petronas towers are, i haven't found the time to try their roast and yorkshire pudding though. at KLIA, there's harrod's too and i've always wanted to try it. i've flewn back to manila a couple times this year and only during my recent flyback was i able to try it - the place is always full.

so here's my "english breakfast".

this is a set which costs 25RM (350PHP), you get tea or coffee, a glass of orange juice and a scone with clotted cream and jam. this was timely because i was craving for scones and clotted cream. you can see the dinnerware with the famous logo and notice the tea leaf strainer. yeah, it was an expensive breakfast but you're paying for the name and simply having a set like this with the matching dinnerware was just so opulent and very english hahaha.


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  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Oh, you're going to love the food court at Harrod's! It's so interesting.