Oct 8, 2010

kl: marriott's hotel buka puasa buffet

this is a long overdue post. i'm sure you guys are familiar with the ramadan season, when muslims fast the entire day and can only eat during a certain period relative to the sunrise/sunset. anyway, it's very common here to have buffets for the buka puasa (if you search the internet it means open feast but my muslim friends say it means more like break the fast). this is my first time to try one - marriott's buffet was a completely malaysian fare.

our table was next to the pool, the tents were set up as food stalls.

the booth beside our table has one whole roasted lamb.

our table at the foreground all have glasses of ais syrup a common malaysian drink has a hint of bandung (rose) - don't like!

satay - grilled lamb and chicken with peanut sauce and sliced cucumber, chicken murtabak which is like a thin pancake stuffed with chicken and onions and mee goreng (stir fried noodles).

sup ekkor - oxtail soup got lots of herbs very flavorful but not spicy.

roasted lamb, nasi kerbau (blue rice which got colored by a specific herb/flower), beef rendang, veggies and stir fried shrimps.

jicama, corn and ham salad, various keropok (crackers) squid, fish and veggie flavors.

unknown fried ball was stuffed with savory items i had to spit it out :D, sweetened banana more like minatamis na saging but this one has sago the bananas are tough i want them gooey and one of my favorite desserts - bread pudding with flan at the bottom served with vanilla sauce.

ais kacang - the malaysian version of halo halo.

it was a good spread but felt overstuffed with malay treats, and knowing these can be had at cheap prices outside made me feel it's not that worth it. it is one of the cheapest buka puasa buffets though at 75RM++ but maybe next time i'll try a western buka puasa.

marriott hotel
jalan bukit bintang
kuala lumpur

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