Oct 17, 2010

birthday treat @ kebab factory

for my tita's birthday lunch, she asked me if i wanted to try kebab factory. i've read a couple of posts on this so i was keen to try it as well. also wanted to see the new megamall atrium.

got served with two sauces. these are refillable, but you can't have the entire squeeze bottle - good way to prevent people from practically drinking the sauces. i've read that the sauces were good. actually, i don't find anything extraordinary about them. the garlic sauce wasn't garlicky enough and the hot sauce was basically a spicy white sauce - no distinct flavors whatsoever.

we ordered two types of naan, plain and garlic. i liked them both. i liked that the naan is thin and got charred/crunchy a bit. this is a typical malaysian fare and i'd have to say it's one of the best i've tried comparable to suzy's which i deems offers the best mamak naan by far.

the birthday girl only wanted to try one dish - malai kofta, it's vegetarian kofta (i reckon she's just 95% vegetarian - surrounded by meat loving people i don't think she can ever go back to being 100% and i love tempting her with food...ssssshhhh). the kofta was nice, i don't like bean/legume based vegetarian stuff such as this but since this was accompanied by other meat dishes i was pretty happy about it. i also liked the curry used with this - not too strong but really flavorful. wonder what type of curry this was.

we also got fish coriander curry - i'm unsure whether there were curry spices in it because the coriander overpowered all other spices if there were any. it has a refreshing flavor but would have wanted the sauce to be thicker and a more fleshy white fish like maya-maya would have been apt or wouldn't it be a sin to use seabass with this? hehe i think it would be perfect =).

we want meat!!!! so we asked the wait staff which is a nice meat dish and he/she said the shish kebab - it's a bestseller. it was a disappointment, the lamb has that gamey taste and it was freaking tough, difficult to chew. tita s and i regretted this, we should have ordered the keema instead.

the meal doesn't end here, we also ordered chicken tandoori. i was not too excited about this since i can get it anytime here in kl, but this one was different. it was so juicy and perfectly cooked. i really liked this one. btw, the picture shows half a serving already, i forgot to take a picture before we devoured it.

and for dessert, we got gulab jammun. i've been meaning to try this. it's an indian milk dumpling soaked in syrup. it tastes/feels like very fine mamon shaped like a ball and dipped in syrup. i like.

overall it was a good meal, all hits except for the shish kebab. it's reasonably priced if you consider the location and ambiance. a good place to get a basic indian fix.

the kebab factory
2/f sm megamall atrium
mandaluyong, metro manila

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