Oct 11, 2010

my first stop at the old vine

been reading a lot about old vine and since it's on the way home from the airport, i decided to have merienda at the eastwood mall branch.

wanted something light and healthy so we ordered salads. here's the caesar salad, very plain to me they didn't even use romaine it was just iceberg lettuce. it was just ok.

i so wanted to try the tessie tomas salad, and it didn't fail me. it was love - they use a special dressing, put slivers of cheese i reckon parmesan, grilled shrimp and what i loved about this was the smoked salmon. i really liked this salad.

also got the lasagna, it was nicely flavored but we felt like there's too much beef. i like my lasagna with the right balance of pasta and beef but this one has a very thin layer of pasta and was all beef so you'll get that "umay" feeling plus it was too oily dunno if it came from the meat sauce or also because of the cheese.

i specifically wanted to put this at the last section, i've read that these breads are usually free but we only got this because we ordered soup. i wonder what's the real deal with these bonnet looking breads is it still free or not or whether it becomes complimentary at certain time during the day. it was warm and soft though.

the service was great, one of the places i've had great service, too bad there was a fly at our table which was pretty bothersome. will definitely be back because of tessie tomas =).

old vine grille
eastwood mall
libis, qc

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