Sep 20, 2010

kl: daorae

daorae is a korean resto chain in kl. we saw a new branch open up in sri petaling above the toyota showroom across the shell gas station so we decided to have dinner there.

here's what we got. starting with the freebie appetizers or banchan.

got a variety of banchan that circled the grill, there's even a chawan mushi like dish at the upper left of the picture. my favorite was the seaweed that was pickled or more like kimchi but instead of cabbage they used seaweed.

another freebie is the panjeon or korean pancake. i think we ordered too much that's why we got this.

for the bbq we got the pork modum which in retrospect i find bloody expensive at 70RM. it's a combination of various cuts of pork.

but my favorite bbq is the gal bi sal, marinated beef ribs it was so tender and flavorful. i only have the cooked version already. this one was priced at 55RM, hmm another expensive dish come to think of it.

of course these came with the lettuce and the soybean paste and sesame oil.

other than these we got individual dishes as well hehee...hey i was dining with guys!

dolsot bibimbap at 19RM, this wasn't mine so i cannot comment. but looks good.

my favorite kimchi chigae (RM17), kimchi soup with tofu, vermicelli and streaky pork. love love this. finally found a good one here in kl.

now that i've looked back on the bill, it's definitely an expensive place. i'm used to eating at the korean restos in kl's korean town and the prices there are more affordable. only the kimchi chigae can make me go back to this place or if someone else is footing the bill ;).

jalan radin anum, sri petaling
kuala lumpur
(above the toyota showroom,
across the shell gas station)

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