Feb 20, 2016

todd english food hall

since i wasn't able to try it in nyc i was glad they opened up in manila.

the famous ferris wheel with cupcakes, it actually moves hehe. i like the ambiance of the place, very sleek and bright.

my iced tea, had to take a picture because it was so small haha and costs like almost a 100 i think. but hello this is todd english! haha.

greek salad - light and refreshing

vongole - lots of clams. pretty good.

burger - i don't know how it fares this was my dad's hehe. but the fries were lonely.

gyoza - the menu is quite odd or maybe because it's a food hall and they're supposed to serve all sorts of things. this is pan fried gyoza you can choose pan fried or steamed. we chose the one with curry it was suprisingly good.

flatbread pizza - nicely done. nothing to shout about though. my parents liked this because it's not cheesy.

surprisingly, todd's is quite affordable. though i'm the only one who had drinks and we got the senior citizen discount the amount we paid was comparable to the meal we had in mann hann, i was really surprised. so this can be a to go to place whenever in sm aura.

todd english food hall
sm aura

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