Feb 20, 2016

va bene pasta deli

i've wanted to try this place for the longest time, finally they opened up at a much accessible location.

some freebie tostini with some checca like sauce with parmesan.

arugula salad - loved the dressing and caramelized apples

polipo - the octopus is very tender but i think the dressing in the arugula salad would have been better on this one. the lemon dressing was too light and this needed a pop of flavor.

black ink tagliorini - where do i start? the first time they served this it was too salty and we only complained after sometime but they replaced it. my problem with this dish is the pasta. it's gummy and doughy at the same time. i cannot describe it. but given this is a fresh pasta i expect it to be smooth and with the right snap so to speak. i've made fresh pasta before and it should be comparable to the dried ones but much better. am i making any sense? basically i had issues with the texture of the pasta.

pappardelle? - i'm not a 100% sure but it looks like it. the pasta is much better the flavors are ok but the meat is not that tender should have the fall of the bone texture and this one wasn't.

i'm quite disappointed with the place. i know it was full and busy but the quality isn't really up to par. and to think this has great reviews.

va bene
central square building
bhs, bgc taguig

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