Feb 12, 2016

kl: yoke heng seafood restaurant

i cannot believe i never posted about this place.  this is one of our favorite lunch places because it was nearby my former office. i only have a few photos to share but i will list down our favorites. i don't know their exact names we just order it the way i will write them down ;).

lou shu fan - their bestseller and what they are known for

lala - stir fried with lots of garlic and dried shrimps 

salted egg sotong (squid) - fried squid coated with salted egg. this a tad sweet for my liking, first time i ordered this from this place.

below are our favorites:

prawn mee - crispy noodles topped with udang (water prawns) love love this dish

tang hoon - before we discovered the prawn mee we would always order this. it's basically stir fried sotanghoon (glass noodles)

pork ribs - cooked with this sweet, salty sauce wrapped in aluminum foil

french beans - stir fried french beans with dried shrimp

tofu with black sauce - deep fried tofu topped with pork and shrimp in a mildly sweet brown sauce

salted egg pumpkin - deep fried pumpkin coated with salted egg

yoke heng makanan laut
jalan SR 8/4
taman putra indah,
serdang raya
sri kembangan

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