Feb 12, 2016

bgc: niu by vikings

i haven't been to any vikings branch including yakimix. oh yeah i've been missing a lot in the manila food scene. when i read about niu by vikings though, i was really fixated. maybe because of the higher end options that they offer. plus i like the fact that they have added services like a sit down wait service -  they bring your ordered food to the table or you can also ask them to bring you food if you are too lazy to stand up hehe, i also know that they customize food as well, if you request it.

assorted dimsum and sashimi...pretty decent ones

tempura and turkey...i lurve turkey

foie gras...they serve it with a crostini but i requested sans the bread :D

roasted pork belly and roast with truffle gravy...noms

thai grilled squid tentacles and i forgot what the other one was lamb chops me thinks

risotto with foie gras...i didn't see this! the waiter mistakenly delivered it to our table and we helped ourselves. this is good.

my personally made halo halo..i love leche flan!

pretty good pinoy snacks - kutsinta which is a sticky rice cake and pichi pichi which is made of cassava dredged in cheese...yums

niu by vikings
sm aura
bgc, taguig

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