Feb 20, 2016

green pastures part deux

i love green pastures, if it's not that obvious here's another post from different outings.

finally got to try duck fries!!! after so many tries. love the crunchy duck skin bits haha. i wish the vinegar was more tart it would give a nice contrast.

i forgot what salad this was...look at the shavings of cheese =) though i am not a fan of the seeded tomatoes.

cauliflower rice with angus beef tapa is love.

another salad this one looks like it has feta and grapes perfect combination.

osso bucco tagliatelle...yummy.

oh well, cinnamon doesn't sit well with me and this dish is apple with cinnamon butter porkchops me thinks. this was rather tough, resto 101 still sets a high bar when it comes to porkchops.

green pastures
shangri-la plaza 

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