Feb 20, 2016

pino resto bar

gheez, this has been around for the longest time and a stone's throw away from our house and yet i only tried it recently.

sisig tacos - my gulay ang dami hahaha...and we were just two persons. this was sick! the cheese is sooo good and the sisig is meaty not the cloyingly fatty parts which makes it perfect.

crispy kare kare - urgh the pork is so fatty and the sauce is so sweet. bleh!.

crispy hito - ummm nothing to shout about but it was oily it had this oily flavor i mean if you look at it it's not oily but when you eat it has that cloyingly oily taste dunno what's the reason why some dishes end up that way. the sides of eggplant and tomatoes was not enough to counteract that cloying feeling.

pino resto and bar
malingap street
up teachers village, qc

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