Feb 12, 2016

bgc: greeka kouzina

my dad loves greek food and been reading good reviews about greeka kouzina that i got so excited when they opened up in sm aura, which was more accessible to us. i wasn't impressed, i was expecting an out of this world experience but imho cyma's is much better.

one of my all time favorite mezzes is baba ganoush this is the greek version with feta

salad forgot the name with balsamic dressing and shaved parmesan cheese

moussaka...is a must for my dad. but again this doesn't pass. i don't think any resto has passed his standards.
lamb shoulder - this one of their bestsellers but left me unimpressed but it was really tender

this is their grilled chicken kebab forgot the greek name :D

forgot the name of this pasta dish but it's with cream and arugula

greeka kouzina
sm aura
bgc, taguig

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