Feb 20, 2016

paris food finds

one thing i enjoy is buying food items from the grocery in other places. i was just in hk and bought siomai in 7-11 but it was dismal. i would think that the frozen siomai in ph is better if there's any.

 this is almost 2 years late. but i wanted to share my paris food finds. bonne maman is a popular brand, i love their jams and cookies este galettes =) you can find them in groceries here in asia. so i bought this because you can't find it here (as far as i know). i actually didn't like it hahaha...the rhum was just too much for me. otherwise it would have been good.

this one is the winner, i will never forget this yogurt. this is how posh france is, yogurt are sold in glass bottles not the cheap plastic ones we are used to. this one was mixed with milk and is just plain vanilla. it was light and creamy. think a lighter greek yogurt with vanilla flavor =).

can't remember where i got these either from monoprix or franprix, two common grocery stores in paris.  it's on the bottle! i got it from carrefour, it's just a store brand and yet it was sooo good.

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