Feb 20, 2016

backyard manila

ever since i learned about backyard manila i was really excited to try it. plus it's super near my house haha. these were from two outings. 

salted egg chicken skin!!! i love anything salted egg, it's gaining popularity in manila. here in kl it's common at seafood restos. but this one is not for the healthy hahaha because it's chicken skin...hello cholesterol!

waffle battered fried chicken??? i forgot what they officially call it but it's fried chicken breaded in waffle mix the butter has a maple sweet taste as well. it was ok, i wish the chicken was more flavorful and honestly i didn't taste the "waffle". it's paired with brown rice para medyo healthy daw haha.

flatbread with longganisa and kesong puti. so pinoy right? but i think the cheese is too overpowering, it's not just kesong puti i think they added mozzarella which i think is unnecessary. plus the flatbread is too thin that it falls apart.

flavored beers...because e was late we had to order other stuff and realized they have butter beer. unfortunately, they ran out of butter beer. we settled for passion fruit, caramel and hazelnut??? i forgot the last one. actually the passion fruit was really nice it was refreshing. better paired with the chicken skin but we didn't order again because we're not that crazy!

i was supposed to order the chicken skin but they ran out pffft! so i had to browse the menu again and eventually decided on the lobster roll. i think it has a generous portion of lobster and shrimp which makes it sulit. but i find it overly dressed is that the right term??? can you see how heavily doused it was. i love that the brioche bun is slathered with butter before being grilled. the problem was the bread was stale. ahhh the potato chips are "homemade" they were damn good but i hated the cheese flavoring. first of all, i was thinking since it's a farm to table kind of resto they won't be serving things with preservatives. so what the hell is that cheese powder doing there? and don't tell me it's organic because it tastes like sm bonus cheese powder. oh yeah! i know! i have a good palette di ba so that fried chicken really didn't have that waffle flavor haha. so i hope someone gets to read this and tell them to stop putting that chipangga cheese powder, the chips are good they can just be plain salted.

despite some imperfections i still love this place =). i want to try the other items they serve.

backyard manila
up town center
katipunan ave, quezon city

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