Feb 12, 2016

la juiceria juice cleanse

juice cleanse hasn't really picked up in kl unlike in manila when juju cleanse started out and all of a sudden there was a boom in healthy juices and cleanses. not sure if the owner of la juiceria who is actually a filipino, picked up the concept from back home. but i'm glad she did. i've done cleanses in the past but i've only tried la juiceria this year.

just like a typical juice cleanse there's a fixed number of juices that you can take with their corresponding schedule during the entire day. la juiceria has two sets, you can choose either of the two or you can customize. the first time i did it, i went for customized because i succumbed to friends' feedback regarding the flavors. you just buy the bottles, the juices are numbered and they have a default schedule which you can follow - easy peasy.

is it bad? well if it's your first time, you might experience some symptoms like headaches so you really have to be determined to do this! here's some tips when planning to do a juice cleanse.

  1. don't binge the day before. actually, as much as possible you should start eating clean, days before the cleanse. i believe this prepares the body especially your stomach. 
  2. my friends like doing this on weekdays, they get distracted with work. i like doing it on weekends/long holidays. i distract myself with house chores, watching movies/tv and sleeping!
  3. don't eat too much or binge after the cleanse. this will "shock" your stomach. i normally pace my stomach right after the cleanse like eating just soups, fruits, veggies and at the most fish and chicken but no red meats yet.

the la juiceria cleanse is not strict, it allows you to eat, like cucumber, avocado and raw nuts. because i have blood sugar issues i have the raw cashews for backup. as they state in one of their flyers, listen to your body, eat if you have to. for those who want to try it, goodluck!

la juiceria
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