Mar 18, 2016

ooma japanese rice bar

i've been hearing great reviews about chef bruce ricketts' restos and the closest and most accessible for me is ooma which opened up in sm megmall.

soy sauce baster for your sushi...kinda difficult to use since their sushi are mostly fancy with sauces on top and i like mixing my sauce with lotsa wasabi.

tempura roll? forgot the name.

i also forgot the name of this one but it's probably kani something roll.

gyoza that seems to be broiled on top...nothing really special though i like this more than the typical gyoza.

hanger steak with sweet potato puree and truffle?...ugh i forgot the official name but this is sooooo good. this was really heaven. tender steak, crunchy mini potato chips drizzled with truffle oil. i can have this over and over again =).

sm megamall
fashion hall
mandaluyong, metro manila

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