Mar 22, 2016

wholesome table

wanted something light for dinner and we decided to try wholesome table. sorry for the bad photos, there's poor lighting in the resto.

freebie bread rolls

mushroom fritters. it tasted bland for me, even the tomato sauce base didn't even provide a contrast of flavors.

burrata - because a friend raved about it. it was nice but not mindblowing.

spinach and feta dip? i forgot what this was it has sundried tomatoes if i'm not mistaken. basically a healthier version of those creamy dips and we ordered it with vegetable crudite because we really just want something light!

the menu didn't really excite me unlike my favorite green pastures and chef robby goco was a consultant for their menu as well. but food is good enough. 

wholesome table
bhs central
bgc, taguig

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