Nov 6, 2009

kl: yogurt boyz

thank god for that impromptu dinner because we discovered yogurt boyz. i have been looking for froyo in kl ever since i got here. kept searching in the internet and failed to find one. the pink neon signs of yogurt boyz caught our attention. so we said, we're gonna get dessert there.

this is my best kl food find by far and the best froyo i have ever tasted. the froyo is creamy with a hint of tartness, just enough to remind you that it's still yogurt. the picture above is a large serving which i forgot how much, i usually order the regular size, original flavor with one topping which costs roughly 50-55 pesos. the syrup is free, you can choose between strawberry or chocolate. so among the 3 yogurt places i have tried, yoh-gurt froz, yogurbud and californiaberry, this one beats them all. affordable and yet so delish, the serving might be smaller than the ones in manila, but i think it's just right.

anyway, i have yet to try red mango, white hat and tutti frutti in megamall. i wonder when pinkberry will come over to manila. by the end of 2009, i ought to declare which is the best froyo for me hehe.

we've discovered yogurt boyz a couple of months ago, since then i found out that there's a lot of froyo places in sunway mall. which is totally inaccessible from my place, good thing yogurt boyz is uber close to my place.

yogurt boyz
jalan radin
sri petaling, kuala lumpur

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