Nov 30, 2009

kl: super noodle house

this resto is listed in malaysia's best eats. hard to miss since it's at the entrance of sungei wang, one of the famous malls in kl. what i love about this place aside from the great dimsum is, hongkong chili garlic oil. in other words it's the pinas version of chilli garlic oil. i've mentioned a couple of times already that they serve an asado like sauce and hot sauce for their dimsum here in malaysia which is not really apt if you ask me.

anyway, i'll just post the pictures of my previous eats as well as my friends's eats. prices of the noodles range from 7-10RM while the dimsum is around 5RM, pretty pricey for malaysian standards but same prices in pinas. i have no picture for the super yummy siu pao but they really have one of the nicest char siu pork buns i've tried. moist and soft that i could gobble 2-3 buns and for me that's a record because i don't like asado siopao.

dumpling soup

congee topped with fried bread

roasted pork noodle

hargau/hakao - a dimsum staple

crystal vegetable and pork dumpling - something like friends say this is better than the siumai. haven't tried the siumai but i like this one too.

chicken feet another staple, the last time i ordered it, it wasn't as tender and as falling off the bones as it should be.

friend taro with chicken - do not order this! nuf' said.

i usually eat at this place during off hours like an early lunch at 11 am or a snack at 5pm. during those times i get great quality dimsum, all hot and all available. last time i've eaten there during lunch hour, the dimsum is cooked by batch and you have limited choices on which ever is left/available. i recommend this for pinoys working here in kl. but for those who live in manila, you can get great dimsum in a lot of our chinese restos there except for the charsiu bun of course, i have yet to find a chinese resto in manila that serves a similar siopao other than kowloon. and of course, i don't think there's a roasted pork with dry noodles noodles in far as i can remember ;).

super noodle house
at the entrance of sungei wang
jalan sultan ismail cor bukit bintang


  1. That's an unusual way of serving roast pork noodles. Pity about the taro puffs, though; they're usually my favorite dimsum.

  2. the taro puffs were served cold maybe the reason why i disliked it but also because the filling had very strong flavors.