Nov 24, 2009

kl: woo pin fish head noodle

fish head noodle is a unique food fare and woo pin is famous for it. when i got invited to eat there i immediately said yes. they have two kinds of noodles one is fish paste which we were told is basically similar to homemade fish balls and of course fish head which is pretty much pieces of fish head.

this one has a milky flavorful broth. it was delicious, no fishy taste because the fish was fried, the serving was huge but the only downside was the the fish was bony. other than that it was really good. i forgot how much this was around 6-7RM i think.

woo pin fish head noodles @ ho a one steam boat restaurant
jalan 1/109F, taman danau desa
kuala lumpur
hours: 730am-1000pm (closed on mondays)

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