Nov 20, 2009

kl: xi men ting

i'm pretty scarred with little taiwan so i'm a bit wary with taiwanese restos. but i am always up for an adventure and i am getting pretty tired with esquire and nam heong so i decided to try xi men ting the newest resto at endah parade, closest establishment from my place.

my love for noodles never cease so the yang chun noodles (RM7.90) definitely caught my attention. i like dry noodles, meaning no broth/soup so i'm happy that it comes with that option. noodles topped with sauteed ground pork that is very flavorful and some bouncy meatballs. love this dish! sometimes it just becomes inconsistent with the veggie, typically served with bakchoy but there are instances wherein they put lettuce which i don't like - like the one in the pic below.

and for my side dish, i got braised intestines (RM5). yeah, whenever i get that isaw craving i can just result to braised intestines. i also love this one. flavorful and very tender intestines.

this place has also converted into liking the sweet flowery teas too which is perfect after eating the uric acid cholesterol laden intestines =).

xi men ting
endah parade
sri petaling,kl

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