Nov 1, 2009

melaka: nancy's kitchen

melaka is known for peranakan or nonya cuisine. it's the combination of chinese cooking method and malay spices. saw nancy's kitchen on several discovery channel specials on melaka and it's also included in the lonely planet melaka guide so of course, nancy's kitchen was a must.

so here's the stuff we got.

otak-otak (RM10) is a fish cake, made of fish paste and spices. it is usually steamed or grilled wrapped in banana leaf. this is my first time to try it. it was so so. it actually has the same texture as tamales the fake ones of course those that have extenders already.

fried sotong (RM18) basically deep fried squid. nothing special...lacks flavor, i hope they would add spices to give it flavor and the plain flour breading doesn't make it any better.

chicken candlenut (RM18) is one of their famous dishes, this one is very flavorful. but it would have been perfect for me if it was more spicy i would choose chicken rendang anytime.

assam pork (RM18) assam is tamarind, this dish was tart and sweet, it had a good balance of flavors and the pork was really tender. this one is my favorite.

steamed fish (RM45) the fish was bland, i don't know what species it is but it was bland, snapper or grouper would have been perfect or even the typical chinese steamed fish like pearl fish. the sauce was on the bland side as well. we've had better steamed fish dishes else where and did you see the price??? gheez now that i am writing this i just realized it was expensive.

we also had veggie side dishes like kangkong and brinjal (eggplant) belacan. belacan is chilli and shrimp paste. i liked the brinjal, i love fried eggplants so i enjoyed that the most but i also like kangkong so no complaints on that one. all of the dishes were ordered in large servings except for the otak otak. all of these fed 10 people. not bad actually, but the dishes didn't give me that i ought to come back for more feeling. a friend said she found a nice quaint place in melaka with great food, dunno how at par it is with nancy's since nancy is the most famous one. you can still give it a shot though, maybe we just had more misses than hits in our choices.

nancy's kitchen
no. 7 jalan hang lekir
off jonker street

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