Nov 17, 2009

kl: the ship

if you ask me, the ship seems to be a tourist trap of some sort. really lame restaurant with a facade like a ship and the interiors is totally lame as well. if not only for my friend who vouched that they serve decent steak, i wouldn't dine in this place.

got some freebie bread, which i decided not to post. think bread that can be had in your local bakery slightly warm with butter.

got myself a ribeye steak (RM48) which comes with a salad, you get to choose the dressing. i opted for french i think. either the dressing was too old or was bottled dressing dunno which, nothing special not even decent if you ask me. came in a small bowl actually the picture just makes it look bigger.

my steak had a couple of side dishes, brocolli, tomato, corn and baked potato of which you will be asked what topping you want and i said everything hehe...sour cream, bacon bits and spring onions.

nothing remarkable, i now even think it is pricey. i haven't really had steak in restos except for myron's which i reckon is far much better i wouldn't mind the couple of extra bucks for a better steak. there are other offerings like the minute steak (RM30), a lot cheaper and probably more worth your ringgit.

the ship
bukit bintang
jalan sultan ismail

check out their site for other branches

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