Nov 22, 2009

kl: el cerdo

finally got the chance to eat at el cerdo after a lot of rescheduling. this place is famous for its cochinillo (roasted suckling pig) so after hearing mass we went to the nearby changkat bukit bintang to get ourselves a pork feast.

for appetizers we got jamon serrano with rock melon and salad (RM38).

though melon and ham is a famous combination this is the first time i was able to try it. it was really good. the jamon serrano was perfect - lightly salty and doesn't have that gamey taste which contrasted with the sweet melon. however, i would have wanted the melon to be more firm to give a contrast of textures as well.

we also got mixed appetizers (big one is 56RM). the picture is just half of the big serving.

had a lot of coldcuts, 1 pate, 1 rillete and some veggies, served with bread. i wished the bread was more crusty. the round jelly like thing in the foregound is the least favorite =).

for the mains, we got paella (RM88), they have several versions - vegetarian, seafood, and the regular i's a good paella, the rice was cooked well and flavors were just right.

also got oxtail stew (RM48) served with a bowl of pasta. presentation of the pasta looked lonely (pasta at the background). i think they should reconsider the presentation. strong robust flavors, the oxtail was tender but as i've said the flavors are just a bit too strong.

the roasted pork ribs with mango chutney (RM49) was a favorite. wasn't as tender as it should be but it was acceptable, and everyone loved the buttery mashed potato which i actually didn't try.

and of course how can i leave out the star of the meal, we got one whole cochinillo at RM 219. fresh out of the oven, the server had us do the traditional cutting wherein a boy and a girl can make a wish and cut through the pig using the plate. after which, they break the plates in a bucket.

the pig was crispy and tender, it was really good. it came with a brown gravy, which i thought wasn't that apt. i dunno, maybe because of the richness of the pig, the sauce would be something that could probably counteract it...maybe a chutney of some sort or a more tart sauce. anyway, it was a good meal. the service was ok, we even got benches to put our bags on. however, we found the over bearing wait staff a bit off, we liked that they would make suggestions or would think about when to bring out the food, but having insisted on not serving the food immediately until the entire party arrived was a bit of a turn off. still we loved the food so that was a bit forgiven. all of these fed 9 people and there were a lot of excess, i reckon 1-2 additional persons would have just made it enough for everyone.

45 changkat bukit bintang
kuala lumpur

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