Nov 6, 2009

kl: fastfood fish head

my friend gave me a good eats guide to malaysia. a perfect gift for a foodie like me, i should really start collecting the same kind of books for the places i have been to.

anyway, since i live not exactly in the city but still part of kl...think muntinlupa in metro manila, i scoured the book for any good eats in our area. surprisingly, i found one. fastfood fish head is actually a seafood restaurant.

the usual process of eating at restos such as these is that you order the seafood you want and let them know the method you wanted it to be cooked similar to our dampa.

steamed red tilapia (RM32), cooked with soy and some tausi topped with wansuy. yup you read it right, it's red tilapia. i still find it weird actually, when i go to the supermarket and see all those fresh tilapia swimming in the water tank, i still think that they look like my dad's pets. anyway, this was my first time to try red tilapia, it actually tastes the same like our grey/black colored tilapia.

dried chilli pork (RM13), apparently this is a common dish, my pork loving friend ordered this because he is allergic to crabs. thinly sliced pork that is tender and flavorful, this is actually a good one.

sauteed spinach or was it kailan (RM13) i really forgot what veggie this was. we got this because we thought we needed to eat something healthy. and did you notice the price? same as the pork hehe.

crabs - always the star of a seafood feast. salted egg crab (RM57), basically crabs cooked with salted egg and garnished with fried curry leaves which i really like. i've already mentioned this in my din tai fung post salted egg here is fresh, so it basically just looks like a coating of egg on the crabs. it was really yummy. this was way better than my singaporean chilli crabs and this one only costs less than half of that.

this was a good meal, split among four people and we barely finished the crabs and the we had the pork to go even. but this didn't end here we capped it off with a great dessert that's up next.

fastfood fish head
58 jalan radin tengah
sri petaling, kuala lumpur

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