Dec 1, 2009

kl: sushi zanmai

fruit of my japanese craving....a trip to the gardens to eat at another japanese resto which i've read good reviews of. as far as i know, sushi zanmai is also managed by the group who owns rakuzen, so i was pretty complacent with this place.

we got chuka wakame, seasoned seaweed (RM3.80), has this refreshing flavor of the sea slightly salty with a hint of sesame which was just perfect.

sanshoku hana salmon (RM9.80) got great reviews. salmon with shrimp roe, wasabi flying fish roe and black caviar. what can i say? the salmon was extremely fresh. had this melt in your mouth texture.

softshell crab maki (RM6) is softshell crab becoming a japanese staple for me? i really don't know. this one has skinny crabs hehe i'm sure that's not the proper word to describe it. given the choice i would choose sugi anytime, but for the price? i think it's worth it.

as if these rolls were not enough, we got the stamina roll (RM12.8) too. omelette sushi roll topped with eel. unagi i heart. another jap staple for me. this one is so filling and so worth your buck.

for more carbs =), we also got yakisoba. topped with bonito shavings, i also liked this one. probably the best yakisoba i've tried by far. the small serving goes for RM8.80.

and of course i had to pair these up with a great drink. if i remember it correctly this is a honeydew green tea shake =)

good food, great wonder you'd often see a long queue outside.

sushi zanmai
midvalley the gardens
kuala lumpur

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