Dec 9, 2009

penang: eden seafood village

went to batu ferringhi in penang, which is their famous beach area. for more local fare we initially decided to eat at long beach food center. upon arrival we realized it was too crowded and smelly, not good for freshly bathe tourists who plan to go to hard rock afterwards.

so i've decided to eat at eden seafood village, which i've read reviews and recommendations of. eden village is like a dampa restaurant. the prices of the dishes are based on the weight of the seafood, particularly fish and shellfish. other food items have fixed prices. so here are the stuff we got.

steamed red tilapia (1.15kg @ 51.75 RM), honestly, we got this one because it was the cheapest hehe. we knew we'd burn more money afterwards so we were a bit cautious on how much we're gonna order. you can never really go wrong with a simple steamed fish unless the seafood is not fresh. this one is definitely fresh, it was jumping out of the basket when the aunti took it from the tank.

baked white prawn (RM52.50) - what could go wrong with with some cheesy baked shrimps? however, wish that the shrimps were more meaty.

squid dry chilli (RM32) - a common method of cooking is with dried chilli, loads of them. this one is peppery and buttery. really good and perfect with rice. the squid was really tender.

beancurd claypot with minced chicken (RM20) - i'd rather call this mapo tofu because it tastes and looks like it. i was expecting the real beancurd claypot. this was good we all loved it, being tofu lovers that we are. but it was kinda oily.

hand pulled noodles in xo sauce (RM20) - a recommendation since it's supposed to be a special. however, i find nothing special about this. the noodles are not springy nearly soggy, so i don't know how this one is hand pulled. they didn't scrimped on the ingredients though so that's a plus. the flavor, nothing really spectacular very low key. but this was a huge plate/serving of noodles.

overall, it was great meal. no misses or utterly disappointing dish. costs roughly 40RM per person. i reckon this is relatively expensive for malaysia prices. but this is a touristy place with cultural shows during dinner time which we were able to see, not that it was impressive. but still food was good, the place might need to get renovations to be more updated.

eden seafood village
batu ferringhi
penang, malaysia


  1. The squid looks really good and I think the main point of mabo tofu being so oily is because you're supposed to eat it with a LOT of rice. :)

  2. i am not a rice person =)