Dec 6, 2009

penang: tho yuen

was able to spend a long weekend in penang last week. i am not sure if they call penang the food capital of malaysia. but everyone would just rave about penang food. they said you get the best of every malaysian dish in penang well maybe not all especially when it comes to bak kut teh which is best had in klang and the cendol best had in melaka.

anyway, we arrived in penang after lunch time so consequently we were starving. i've got my penang lonely planet guide and had the must try places already tagged. decided to eat at tho yuen, a chinese resto which is walking distance from the place we were staying at.

here's the food we got.

dumpling soup, the auntie decided for us, she even decided how many pieces we get. it's not like they have a fixed size for orders i guess. the stuffing the traditional pork stuffing i know - with water chestnuts. perfect for our grumbling tummies.

roasted chicken - initially wanted steamed chicken but they ran out of it. flavorful, tender and perfectly cooked.

crispy noodles - they've got a variety of noodles. we opted for this. it was good. the noodles are thin, crispy and flavorful. better devour this immediately when served so you can appreciate the crispy texture.

all of these plus rice and chinese tea costs around 72RM, shared among 7 people (yeah the servings were huge) it was a good meal. ok, maybe because we were hungry. but really, the place was packed at 2PM. can you believe that? anyway, you might consider this when out in penang.

tho yuen
jalan campbell

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