Dec 1, 2009

miele guide

let's see how i fare based on the miele guide.

Malaysia's Top 5 restaurants 2009/2010:
  1. Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar, Kuala Lumpur - should probably try this place when i go shopping
  2. Senses Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur
  3. Neroteca, Kuala Lumpur - i'll eat here when i get the panini craving next door to my friend's place
  4. Frangipani Restaurant & Bar, Kuala Lumpur
  5. El Cerdo, Kuala Lumpur - eaten here
Philippines Top 5 restaurants 2009/2010:
  1. Antonio's, Cavite (No. 17 in Asia's Top 20) - not impressed
  2. Aubergine, Manila (No. 18 in Asia's Top 20) - loved it!!! this is the best for me.
  3. Mamou, Manila - tried it loved the breads, the steak was yummy and i heart the truffle pasta
  4. Abe, Manila - eaten here
  5. Sala Restaurant, Manila - have yet to try this i already ate at sala bistro :)


  1. Aubergine is very nice, but it's more like a date place than one where you can bring the whole barkada along. I still prefer Sonya's Secret Garden rather than Antonio's, though.

    They should also have mentioned Alexandre in the Fort area; the ambiance and the quality of the baked goods really make you feel like you're in Paris!

  2. so i should bring along a date then? hehe. i haven't been to sonya's which i really should try. maybe when i go back to manila this holiday season.

    really? is alexandre that nice. my friend said it was so so.