Oct 3, 2007

mickey's deli

i've read two blogs on mickey's delicatessen already. while browsing through anton's entry, a colleague saw it and suddenly wanted to try it out. the foodie in me could not resist the temptation. so off we went to jupiter. we tried the nurnberger sausages with hot bavarian salad. we were pleased with it. i like the smoky flavor and the fact that it's freshly made.

contrary to anton's experience. the owner was actually accommodating. he would answer the customers' inquiries and would provide inputs on the stuff that the customers bought. he even opened a pack of what i thought were bread sticks and asked us to try it out. unfortunately, it was like thinner versions of chorizo which i only prefer cooked in my fried rice, callos, paella or any spanish rice dish. i didn't finish mine and hid it in my bag of bread hehe.

i got some meatloaf and cheese to go as well a sourdough bread from larzatin (a boulangerie inside the deli). i hope they are good buys especially the cheese which i bought because of the owner's recommendation. i know i'll be coming back because i have a sausage lover friend who have been asking me to go there and i want to try the other specialties too.

mickey's delicatessen
144 jupiter corner orbit street
bel-air 2 village, makati

store: +632 896-9650, 899-1440
deli: +632 899-8080, 896-9650, 899-1440

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