Oct 6, 2007

i love thai!

thai food is one of my favorite cuisines. they have fresh and exciting flavors. my favorite thai restaurant is muang thai. it's close to our house and it's quite affordable too. after doing our groceries my mom and i dropped by the place to get some lunch.

phad thai is a staple for me. this is the best i have had in manila by far. served with lime, crushed peanuts and fresh cilantro. i also ordered fish with garlic sauce which is just fish fillet cooked in a clear sauce with various herbs and spices. i like it because of its simplicity. unfortunately, the fish was bad. my mom scolded me for ordering fillets because i should always order the whole one daw to make sure i know the kind of fish we are getting and you'll know that's it's fresh. this is the first time it happened to us. of course, they asked us to order just another one. hay! i got myself some chicken satay. surprisingly enough i found jatujak's satay much better.

this satay was not bad of course. i like the fact that the chicken pieces were thicker but the sauce did not suit me well. the jatujak satay are thin chicken pieces but are tenderly cooked and the chunky sauce was ok but i like the cucumber dip much better.

muang thai
malakas street, quezon city
it's right after mcdo and pancake house when you are along the sulo hotel street (matalino?).


  1. i love muang thai:)

  2. u8mypinkcookies4:29 PM

    haven't tried it, but I love thai food! :D