Oct 13, 2007

for the veggie lover

this is a long overdue entry and a shameless plug as well, because i'm related to the owner. likha-diwa is one of the few vegetarian restos in the metro. located near up campus, the coffee shop is more than just a coffee shop, it serves vegetarian and seafood dishes for people who want to eat healthy.

so what can i say? great actually! i am not being biased. being a foodie and all - i enjoy the original ones, the fat and uric acid laden meat versions of likha diwa's veggie versions. but i grew up eating veggie meat so i've gotten used to the somehow weird texture/flavor of these meat substitutes. second, comparing the taste to the original ones, i believe that l.d. was quite successful in replicating the flavors having been restricted by the vegetarian substitutes. third, i have a very extensive palate, so shoot me if i deem that the dishes they serve actually taste great.

took some photos of the dishes they serve and i hope you find them as mouthwatering as i deem they are.

vegetarian paella

i just found out about this new addition. a conversation piece for most customers. two thumbs up! i could eat it without looking for the supposed meat. they took out the veggie sausages because they want it as natural as possible so no veggie meat in this dish.

who does not love kare-kare??? well for those craving for kare-kare without the guilt then this is a good substitute. the sauce simulates the homemade peanut sauce, unlike the ones you get at your typical commercial restos. just look at the dark brown color. this is served with vegetarian bagoong which is actually my favorite. sometimes my only viand is the veggie bagoong.

christmas is indeed in the air with this all natural bibingka. i have nothing much to say, yummy!

i'd like to say that i'm a reliable taste tester. but just as i've said i do have an extensive palate so some people might find the vegetarian versions a bit weird. but i guarantee that there will definitely be a food item that you will enjoy even if you're a meatlover. so here's a list of my favorites.

tofu balls - my first love. a must try for tofu lovers. soft tofu mixed with tuna and served with a special dipping sauce.

shiitake strips - this has actually overthrown tofu balls from my usual likha diwa meals.

veggie quesadillas - sarap! it has veggie ground meat but even my soy evading mom loves this. served with a vegetarian sour cream which means the sour cream is not made of any dairy product.

sandwich with chili con carne??? - gheez i forgot the exact name. it's a pressed sandwich with veggie chili con carne.

sandwiches - i think i've tried all the sandwiches except the banana sandwich which up to now i still find weird and yet has been in the menu for years. so i guess people do like it.

mechado value meal - ok this is a bit tricky. the texture of the gluten is different and people need to get accustomed to it. but i simply love this dish. love it love it.

tomato olivetti - this is my favorite among the pasta dishes. i haven't tried the aligue actually. the tuna pasta is something i could cook myself so i don't usually order this.

these are my personal favorites. my rice favorites will just be the paella, kare-kare and mechado. i am not much of a rice eater and when i'm at l.d. i definitely opt for the lighter meals but i'm sure that there'll be a rice meal for you in their extensive menu. for dessert, the cheesecake is so rich. this is the best frozen cheesecake i have eaten in manila. and how could i forget the drinks? i love all the yogurt drinks current favorite is the carrot yogurt drink. i guess that's it. it's for you to try their food stuff. let me know your thoughts. till next time.

#1 lt. j. francisco st.
krus na ligas, diliman, qc
(along c.p. garcia avenue which intersects katipunan ave. and the university ave.)

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