Oct 7, 2007

cooking frenzy

not sure what's up with me but i have been cooking a lot of stuff. can't remember when was the last time i have cooked food aside from our usual weekend meals. i guess the primary reason why i have been cooking alot is because i have been craving for a lot of stuff and that i now bring my own lunch to the office. here are the stuff i worked on and are planning to cook for the rest of the week.

1. my peach and walnut with mixed greens salad
2. korean bbq chicken strips (was dismayed with both the magnolia marinated ones and the mccormick instant mix that i just made my own)
3. my clear mushroom soup, inspired by my bubba gump outing. my mom was raving about it haha never got that in ages. so this is a breakthrough dish, another addition to my staple menu at home. i got some shiitake and oyster mushrooms fresh from the weekend market this morning. next time i'll use other variants such as the portobello and fresh button mushrooms.
4. veggies with oyster sauce. i can't remember when i last cooked this so i'm gonna cook it this week with the fresh young corn i got this morning from the market as well.

i guess that's it. my erratic schedule for this week prevents me from actually planning all my meals. bon apetit!

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