Oct 6, 2007

bizu patisserie

people have had great reviews on bizu, especially the macarons. but when i bought some a year or two ago i was not impressed. so i never paid much attention to it again. my friend l was raving about it and i've read a blog on it just recently. wanted to try the cake and coffee this time. since i was craving for chocolate (which rarely happens hehe) i got a chocolate based cake. i got the amour which has valrhona orange chocolate and creme brulee...looks/sounds yummy. i was quite excited that it has custard in it.

we got another cake, which is the samba. everything chocolate...3 kinds as far as i can remember. a chocoholic's dream.

the cakes were served on plates with scribbles made of chocolate. what's my verdict? still not impressed! i guess you pay a lot for the craftsmanship used to make those cakes. but i'd have my banoffee from red ribbon/starbucks or frozen brazo anytime.

bizu patisserie
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