Oct 29, 2007

my birmingham cupboard

i had a short stop at tesco once again. hmmm it seems that i go there every single day. anyway, while arranging the stuff i got, i realized that i have unconsciously replicated my cupboard essentials back in manila.

i have my garlic, cayenne, pepper, tomato sauce and ketchup. all tesco - it's the store brand, thus, the cheapest. don't forget my butter, mayo, eden cheese in the ref. also got some more stuff, my couscous which is a must ( i am definitely bringing some when i go back home + the foie gras at schipol hehe)

also, i couldn't limit myself to the free sugar from the office so when i saw the muscovado i knew i had to grab it. even got inspired to make some lemonade when i got back home.

i am also loving my tesco digestives. better then m&s is all i could say. but it's a matter a preference right? anyway till next time. happy eats.

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