Oct 6, 2007

shrimpy craving

my recent tokyo cafe outing was a bit disappointing. my shrimp aglio y olio did not meet expectations. so i was craving for more shrimps. my dinner plans last night had a reroute to greenbelt. and i found myself eating at bubba gump at long last.

we ordered mama's firepot which is mahi mahi and shrimps in a spicy sauce. the sauce was flavorful but not spicy. i like the smoky flavor of the mahi mahi but the shrimps were small and the rice was a bit cold.

we also ordered mama's fried shrimps??? not sure with the name but it's just breaded shrimp with again, supposedly spicy fries. it comes with 3 dips, tartar sauce, coleslaw and ketchup. verdict? damn it doesn't taste like shrimp anymore. i guess they have been too frozen for a long time that the flavor is just isn't there.

bubba gump
greenbelt 3

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  1. u have to check out my bubba gump blog.. hehe ate 47 shrimps