Oct 21, 2007

bubbly teas

here's my last food adventure in manila before i head to the land of fish and chips and bangers and mash.

bubble tea is in my must try list. with my recent errands i got the chance to finally try it. i got some kiwi tea slush which is so refreshing and affordable. i just got the medium but it's a tall glass already and it's only 69 PHP.

i think that this is what i liked about this place. you get terrific drinks at affordable prices. i've been recently eating at places wherein the drinks are overly priced so bubble tea is on top of my list now.

i also got the seafood udon. not sure on what udon is supposed to look like. i've eaten at other places and their udon appears to be the thick noodles similar to the lomi. now i'm confused which one is the authentic udon, the thick ones i've tried before or this flat one they serve in bubble tea.

the seafood udon is acceptable. i haven't tried a similar dish in other restos so i couldn't make a comparison. but i'm pretty satisfied on how this dish turned out. i recommend this place for people who love pearls/sago and modern jap/fusion cuisine.

bubble tea
sm the block
sm megamall


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    the tea looks good

  2. it was good though there's a hint of that flowery taste from teas which i am not that fond of.