Sep 28, 2007

"the sweet life"

i've learned about the sweet life by ange last year. during the time when frozen brazos were a hit. up until now i have never had the time and enough craving to make my way to san lo to get one...not until today.

j is addicted to cupcakes and i told her there's a baker's dozen in rockwell. she updated me with her finds and i found out that sweet life is still there. i talked to j yesterday and she said she will be dropping by rockwell today. yahoooooo! i'm gonna get myself some pastries.

my ultimate goal of course is the sweet surrender which is the frozen brazo. i'm a brazo lover so i knew i was gonna like this dessert no matter what. it's made up of layers of graham cracker crust with vanilla ice cream, custard/yema filling and finally the meringue on top. yummy!!! but best when frozen, i tried it when i got home and because of the 2 hr traffic delayed ride home it was a bit melted na. hopefully it firms up in the freezer again.

j raved about their cupcakes so i got myself some cupcakes too. i got the red velvet (ferragamo/satine), marilyn monroe (lemon), sugar daddy (chocolate cupcake with bailey's buttercream) and marie antoinette (vanilla cupcake). i'm a sucker for red velvet so i tried it first. i was so's more spongy and less cream cheesy compared to sonja's but it was perfect for me. dunno why actually.

moulin rouge (cake) and the satine (cupcake)

marilyn monroe

sugar daddy

marie antoinette

credits: photos taken from the sweet life
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