Sep 22, 2007

oh tokyo!

been hearing a lot about tokyo cafe. it's run by the same group that owns pancake house and teriyaki boy, which are two of my fave restos when it comes to comfort/reliable food. my brother (again not my real sibling) was selling it to me yesterday that i decided to get my brunch there when i had a quick errand at sm north this morning.

we didn't start off well because the freaking hostess? (was that the right term? the person who finds seats for you) has not advised me to sit on my table yet. good thing i asked her again how long it will take then she suddenly realized she made a huge booboo. but i will not let that ruin my meal because i was pretty much excited to try the place. i actually want to order a lot but since i am dining alone i settled for the two dishes my bro raved about. so here's my meal.

the milk tea lover in me got lured by the royal milk tea which is served with sugar syrup. i like it because it's more milky unlike your thai iced tea or even mineshine of which my palate has just gotten accustomed with.

the chicken cheese roll was one item that i was very sure of getting. himu recommended it but i said it was too plain for me. then i saw this at anton's blog so i decided i ought to try it.

my guts were right. it falls short of expectations - nothing unique about it. it reminded me of the ham and cheese rolls that g-sel gets from a caterer. this one is way too overated and at almost 200 PHP a pop...definitely not worth it.

for my second dish, i was torn between the mango chicken salad, the teriyaki chicken sandwich and the clubhouse which again my bro insisted on. hmmm...clubhouse? another usual fair but what the heck it's only 129 PHP unlike the chicken cheesy rolls.

the verdict? two thumbs up. i have been exposed to the clubhouse eversince i could remember because my dad loves this sandwich. i used to think that tropical hut's was the best considering the value you get out of your money. but this one is a winner. i know that my dad will rave about this when he get to try it (i brought home my leftovers hehe). the ingredients were of good quality, the bread is something to rave about.

overall, my dining experience at tokyo cafe was pleasurable. the service within the resto itself is great. they have a lot of servers which ensures that you will not be waiting for too long whenever you request something. the food is good though i have yet to try out the other food items especially the burgers which look so succulent and really smells like pure beef. i definitely recommend this place.

tokyo cafe
the block
mall of asia


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM

    the clubhouse looks very very appetizing

  2. i tried eating at moa and the club was different. the bread seems to be old. totally different eating experience. anyway, my friend who is a regular at that branch says it's not like that usually. i guess we should have complained.