Sep 1, 2007

cuptails and dreams

i was craving for cupcakes. i don't like the famous one that much. wanted to try yumi's but it came at a bad timing. then i read about cuptails and dreams. i contacted them and found myself ordering a dozen cupcakes. they look so pretty when you check out the clickthecity feature. you get to order 3 of a kind per dozen. on the day i was supposed to get my cupcakes there was some confusion. i got a sampler instead. it's special, i asked reena about it and she said she doesn't really make them. so i was thinking that the customer was probably gonna order for a tower and so they gave her a sampler. the sampler consists of 6 flavors...two of each. here they are.

the mojito - i like the soft and moist lime cake with the minty frosting

the margarita - similar to the mojito except that you can taste the alcohol in the frosting and doesn't have that minty flavor of course

the cosmopolitan - i love this one simply because it looks enticing and because i love lemon cakes which is the base for this creation

screaming o - for chocolovers which is not me...

the pinacolada - my mom's fave. not much of a pineapple lover. this is less sweet.

not with a pic is the bj which is vanilla cake with caramel and bailey's frosting i think. it had a major accident which forced me to eat it while in the car hehehe. it's the one on the top of the picture below.

the cupcakes are said to be frosted with buttercream but it's really not the buttercream you find in goldilock's birthday cakes. more of a sugar based rather than butter based frosting. it was a bit sweet for me too. i guess eating at room temperature made a difference. it's probably best eaten a bit cold so that you can taste the flavors and the sweetness is not much highlighted. but i actually enjoyed these cupcakes. they were so pretty and flavors are unique. let's just say that i'll have seconds of these compared to the other one wink wink.

cuptails and dream

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