Sep 22, 2007


zong sounds like gong that it reverberates in my head all the time. my friend d introduced me to zong, the one at the fort strip. good chinese food that is affordable. i always describe it as a posh north park hehe.

last night my dad wanted us to bring home wonton noodle soup so i told my mom that we ought to dine at a chinese resto. so off we went to zong. weird thing is, i was starving but can't really think of what to eat. so finally we got, roasted duck with steamed peanuts (my fave, no picture of course because i immediately digged into it). the skin is crunchy and there is enough fat which makes it yummy. this is where i get my duck fix since duck duck closed already. we also got crispy noodles with fish fillet.

zong offers a wide array of crispy noodles so you are not stuck with just a generic crispy noodle dish. the dish was quite salty for our taste but nonetheless worth a try.

and of course, my mom's favorite - hakaw/hakao. their hakaw is very round and packed with shrimps.

also, they claim that they don't put msg, which seems like it. we didn't get dizzy afterwards unlike in other restos hehe.

the fort strip

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