Sep 1, 2007

round and round at circles

finally! the holy grail of buffets for me. circles @ makati shang. been talking to friends recently and they said we ought to dine out and what perfect timing is the month end payday. luckily i have a friend who has a discount card at the shang and at long last i was able to borrow it. the buffet comes with free coffee or tea but all other drinks are exclusive.

i don't have anything much to say. it was worth it! it was superb. great food. some food items might not fancy you but i guess it all boils down to preferences already. too bad wasn't able to capture the first round of our battle with the buffet floor.

for the first round, we headed to the asian dishes section which was at the rightmost part of the buffet. our favorite in this section is the shrimp with noodles. humongous shrimp cooked with egg noodles. sarap!!!! i also had some tempura, keema and another sauteed shrimp dish. my plate was not full since i was gonna pace myself.

second round - bert couldn't help himself for some dimsum after i told him not to get one. but when i saw his plate i said i ought to get some dimsum. my second plate was filled with mini food items shown below.

i'll try to describe all the items on my plate. here they are.

simple japanese dimsum

steamed seabass - delighful...simply melts in your mouth

something like a cheese souffle of some so

shrimp shooters with mango salsa - refreshing!

my main meal...uhmmm speechless. hahaha i so love my lamb! salad with 2 lamb chops...i could have had a third but had to make room for these...

shrimp, mussels and octopus with red wine vinegar...jol this was a bad pic..come on!

but of course, we could not end it there. we had to have dessert. here's a collection of dessert items we got.

rain's plate - churros, cheesecake and a minicake with custard (the churros and cheesecake were good...unforunately wasn't able to try them)

jol's dessert plate with some leche flan, a mousse of some sort, cheesecake and something dipped in the choco fountain

a strawberry compote of some sort...very tart...a good way to cut the sweetness of the other desserts

banana with whipped something...basically baked banana

creme brulee - i love custards and this one has a crunchy skin on top because of the sugar yumyum

some tart with blueberry sauce

honeydew from the choco fountain

rain's sugarless choco mousse

jol's humongous halo-halo with 3 scoops of ice cream

leche ultimate fave pinoy dessert

raspberry with cheese blah blah blah

it was a great experience. dining with foodie friends made it so much fun. a great way to spend 3 hours at a posh eatery with langaw hehee not kidding there were flies at our table and at some buffet tables as well. hopefully, they didn't get on the food. i guess the discount helped a lot as well because you really get much more out of your money.anyway i was so pleased and i'm sure my friends were too. you might wanna try it yourselves =). just a tip, make reservations so you can get seated at a table with some great outdoor view.

makati shangrila

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