Aug 30, 2007

pasta and pizza

this is a long overdue review/write-up. i discovered a veneto back in college. one of its first branch is near my mom's office and she simply loved the garlic and oil with seafood as well as the pesto with seafood. you get the best value for your peso in this resto. great food at very affordable prices. recently, it seems to be popping out here and there. the quality is not as great as it used to be or maybe they've become inconsistent being uber commercialized and all. had dinner with friends and here are some pictures of the food we ate.

some appetizers:

one of my two favorites in the place - garlic and oil with italian sausage

first timer on the carbonara

pizza is ok not too thick and oily

this is a great place for big groups...huge servings...very affordable too.

a veneto pizzeria
visayas avenue


  1. u8mypinkcookies9:19 PM

    I like their bacon cheeseburger pizza, oil and garlic w/ seafood pasta, and lasagna! not a big fan of their appetizers.

    big servings and reasonable prices.

  2. the oil and garlic seafood is my other fave :)