Aug 28, 2007

meatlover me

ok. been talking about the blood type diet which i have failed to submit to. was successful for a couple of months but gheez could i really stop eating seafood, tomato and cheese? my golly, the meat i could but not the other food items.

i still rarely eat meat nowadays but there are still some inevitable occasions. stayed at home for 4 whole days in a soft diet of mashed veggies and lugaw and because of that i feel so deprived. suddenly craved for some decent steak. as in steak you know argentina grade. reviewed lori's blog on tagaytay highlands...i want the prime rib. i ought to text b and ask her to eat out.

then she had this entry on another steak place that targets just the steak lovers, elbert's steak room , surprisingly it's justa couple of steps away from my office. who would have thought that the almost rundown bldg houses such a place. anyway not planning to go here unless someone treats me hehehe. i'll be satisfied with the highlands steak :). speaking of which just talked to a meatlover friend who loves the highlands as well.

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