Aug 17, 2007

the tea girl

i have always loved tea. m knows i'm a tea drinker so she was shocked to find out that i've become a coffee drinker too. probably the reason why i was not a starbucks addict until i met c.

my love for tea actually started when i discovered that the british way for drinking tea which is with cream is very favorable to my palate. then novelty milk teas such as quickly became famous and i was simply hooked on taro milk. i would go to dec and hoard their taro milk back when the v mall was still virra mall.

thai iced tea in jatujak


i enjoy tea with milk, people might think i'm crazy if they find out that i put cream/milk on my green tea to get that milk tea effect as well. when i was in thailand it was thai iced tea heaven of course. thai iced tea has this distinct taste and color that people might not find favorable. chowking's nai cha which is served with jelly/gulaman is also a fave. my recent discovery is mineshine, the bottled milk teas you can get from mini-stop or 7-11. gheez never realized it costs more than 50 PHP until i asked someone to buy it for me.

after finishing my half liter bottle of mineshine, i got inspired to write about it and then suddenly came across an article on bubble tea. what a coincidence. i ought to visit this place next time i go to the block. anyway that's it, it you haven't tried milk tea, try one. though i must admit it takes a lot of getting used to.


  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    nawawala raw anti-oxidation effects ng tea pag nilagyan ng milk sabi nila.

  2. too bad :( parang oatmeal and milk to hehe.

  3. u8mypinkcookies4:34 PM

    the only milk tea i like is mineshine since im not fond of tea :P too bad its only available in 7-11. wala pa rin ba in any grocery? :)

  4. mineshine is like yoohoo...has a chocolatey taste. haven't seen one in any stores.

  5. sheeeeet 1 yr ko bagu ko nakita tatak tak nyan bili lang ako ng bili nyan eh sana meron dito sa tate@@@

  6. hope you find some there...or even a better tasting milk tea