Aug 12, 2007

bad food trip day

been telling my parents that they are jinxed. it seems that whenever i bring them to one of my favorite restos, the food don't quite meet the expectations. erk! we went to cyma ordered a gazillion menu items and got limited to a few.

here's what we ordered.

saganaki (flaming cheese) - so so, i would just have the hummus for appetizers
chopped chef salad - so so, i don't like feta tasted like blue cheese
the greek version of gamberetti - too sour
moussaka - so so, burnt eggplants at the bottom
mahi mahi - returned to the kitchen because it was not fresh
the spinach rice - not available!
molten chocolate cake - not available!
mint chocolate ice cream - liked the honey and walnuts

anyway, if i was a first timer, i wouldn't go back. but since this is one of my faves i will. thinking about trying the gbelt branch. i wonder whether they have better chefs and service.

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